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FDG wins the prestigious KillSpills/bmf/IAM Award for ‘Achievement in Reducing Diesel Spills’. The annual award was first introduced in 2005 to recognise the achievements of those working to reduce the menace to motorcyclists of spilt diesel on our roads.

FDG’s recognition was due to the outstanding development of StopSpill, the world’s first anti-spill valve (ASV) that fits to an anti-siphon device (ASD), preventing diesel spills from a fuel tank even when a fuel cap has not been replaced or is broken. StopSpill is the only ASV to accept a large high speed ZVA32 fuel gun.

The road safety campaign group KillSpill was so impressed by the innovative solution that it was highlighted in a report to the Prime Minster.

Commenting, KillSpills founder Stephen Edwards said: “The engineering that has gone into this product is truly impressive, but more than that, FDG have shown real commitment and interest in ending the diesel spill menace faced by motorcyclists. They are a worthy winner of the KillSpills Award for Achievement in Reducing Diesel Spills.”

In receiving the award, Russell Fowler, Chairman and CEO of FDG, said: We are doubly delighted to be honoured once again by the KillSpills award. While our device started as a means of preventing diesel spillage and fuel siphoning, since first winning the award we have realised its importance to motorcyclists so have also stressed this aspect within the industry and with our customers. Some major publicity programmes will start soon following close work between KillSpills and ourselves. Their team is to be congratulated for their tireless efforts in raising this awareness.

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