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Who are FuelDefend Global® (FDG) Ltd

FuelDefend Global Ltd is a UK-based operating company specializing in the design, development and marketing of the world's leading high-quality, highly-visible, easily-fitted, fuel theft deterrent devices for use on light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, refrigerated vehicles, construction and agriculture, generators,, plant, static tanks and general lock-up environments.

Does FDG have a product portfolio beyond anti-siphons

Yes, please scroll down at Other Products section.

Why are FDG Neckit! anti-siphon devices (ASDs) unique

Tests in 2013 prove NeckIt! ULTRA to be the best fuel anti siphon device in the world.

Short, strong with small holes ULTRA is simply the best to protect your fuel.

How does NeckIt! differ from other anti-siphons

Short, tough, quick fit, unique secure ring, and fills at over 120ltr/min without welling or splash back.

What is the purpose of the snap ring installed inside American products

Usually a truck will have 2 fuel tanks, one on either side. To fill both of these often automatic fuel fillers are used. This ring provides a secure location to keep the fuel nozzle in place for the unattended fuel gun.

How easy is it to install

Very easy. Our anti-siphon device takes less than 5 minutes to install – with no skill or technical tools required. Fitting instructions come with every product and can be seen on our website

How is a FDG device fitted to the fuel tank

Our devices fit in the tank neck as easy as using a fuel cap. They are held in place using grub/set screws, and with our patented Secure Ring security feature the grub screws are covered and protected. Some users additionally glue the screws and Secure Ring.

If the filler neck is protected, surely the thief will just spike the tank

Spiking the tank is a very rare occurrence. It is messy and can be dangerous. A driver or opportunistic thief would not do this.

If vehicles are on lease or hire, will they be affected by fitting a FDG device

No. At the end of the lease, the ASD can be removed in the workshop.

Will I have to replace my original fuel cap

Original fuel caps will fit our devices. The exception is for low-profile models used when access to the fuel tank is very tight – in this case a low-profile cap can be supplied

Are FDG devices for new or old tanks

All our devices can be fitted on new and old vehicles

What if I have a spill valve

Removing a spill valve is done easily to enable the ASD to be installed. We provide an ASD to fit within our anti-siphon

Which vehicles and machinery do the devices fit

A list of vehicle manufacturers and then their subsequent vehicles can be found here. If a vehicle is not on the list we encourage you to use our product selector found here  which will ask you some information and find you the device for your needs. For special bespoke vehicles please contact our technical department on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does it have any moving parts

No. They do not require maintenance

What is a FDG device manufactured from

NeckIt! ULTRA, NeckIt! Platinum ranges are made from aluminium and our NeckIt! Standard "value" range being made from steel.

Where are they made

FuelDefend Global  devices manufactured in China, India and the United Kingdom

How do I know I have fuel theft

Operators and owners often do not know when fuel is stolen. Most fuel is stolen by "skimming" from the top of the tank taking just 20-25 litres (4-5 gallons) regularly. But all this skimming adds up. Fleets may suffer fuel theft consistently at the 2-6% level – and would not notice such small fluctuations with so many other factors affecting fuel consumption

Fuel theft is often an internal problem. Fuel theft may happen in depot or on the road.

Cases reported in the media for whole tank theft of maybe 1,000 litres. These cases are still rare.

Do FDG devices prevent splash back

Yes, compared with all our competitors our NeckIt! ULTRA device comes top in tests with no splash back even at 120 litres/min fuel filling speed.

Does an FDG device affect filling speed

No, normal filling rates are effective with all our devices. We test our devices to keep with local regulations of filling. For large truck models we test our devices above the 120 litres/minute in Europe and over 30 gal/min in USA (above the regularity 20 gal/min).

When will I start to make a financial saving after fitting a FDG device

Immediately. Losing just 25 litres per week through fuel skimming, payback would start from just after 2-4 weeks. Have a look at our ROI (Return on Investment) calculator to see what you could be saving.