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us product groupHow does fuel theft occur?

Fuel theft can be an internal or external problem – or both.
Major theft of a full tank remains unusual. More common is SKIMMING, or the REGULAR, LOW-VOLUME FUEL THEFT.
This often goes unnoticed by the fleet operator or owner driver even when fuel management systems are used. Fuel theft may be 2-4% of fuel consumption.
Fuel theft happens around the world.
Fuel theft occurs in depots and on the road.
Fuel theft happens in good times and in economic recession.

Protect your fuel, protect your profits and protect your drivers.euro product group

FuelDefend Global’s NeckIt! anti-fuel theft devices (ASDs) have become a global best seller and has set new standards in the industry.

NeckIt! provides a robust physical barrier against fuel theft. NeckIt! complements electronic fuel monitoring and management systems.

NeckIt! is unrivalled in terms of;

  • Security
  • Installation
  • Fuelling
  • Transferability
No other system offers the range of benefits of NeckIt!

  • Short enough to stop siphoning in the upper levels of the tank.
  • Accepts pump speeds of 50 US gallons/min on a double pump
  • Easy to fit with no drilling, gluing or riveting.
  • Transferable between vehicles.
  • Cost effective to use with no moving parts to maintain.
  • Safe with bio-fuels using Viton seals.
  • Cheap to purchase with a very short payback.
  • Robust and capable of withstanding regular and prolonged use.

NeckIt! fuel ASD ensures the fuel inside is protected from theft.

  • Geprüft für Hochdruckpumpen (bis zu 120 Liter/min)
  • Kein Rückstoß - Kein Übersprudeln
  • Kein Verschütten - Keine Gesundheits- oder Sicherheitsgefahren – Kein Risiko
  • Einfacher und schneller Einbau!
  • Leicht verständliche Gebrauchsanweisung
  • Widerstandsfähig und belastbar
  • Sicherheit bis zum oberen Ende des Tankeinfüllstutzens
  • Einfaches System für schnellen und unkomplizierten Einbau durch einzigartigen Sicherheitsring und Gewindestift
  • Kein Bohren / Vernieten / Schrauben / Kleben notwendig - dadurch keine Schäden am Tankeinfüllstutzen
  • Auf verschiedene Fahrzeugtypen anwendbar
  • Lebenslange Garantie!
  • Spezielle Passformen (Low Profile Modelle, 1,5-2cm)verfügbar

Besser als die Konkurrenz!